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	<theme>ISP\'s blocking access to 3rd
party mail servers.</theme>
xmlns="">Some Internet providers have
recently started blocking port
25 - the port
that your computer is using for outgoing mail.

If this is the case with your ISP, you can use the
ISP&#039;s mail server
to send mails - while you can still receive mail from other
mail servers
(cause ingoing mail is using a different port).

This in an attempt to help prevent spamming and abuse of
open proxies /
relays from their dialup and broadband customers.

Some major ISPs that do this (and the address of their SMTP
server) are:

ISP - SMTP server
AT&amp;T -
Comcast / ATTBI - 
Cox - 
EarthLink - 
MSN - 
Optimum Online - 
Pacbell/SBC -
People PC - 
Verio - 
There are others - if your ISP is not on the list you may
try using
&quot;; as outgoing mail

Unfortunately a side-effect of this practice is that it
prevents users from
accessing mail servers that aren&#039;t hosted by the ISP.
This would be
the case with our SMTP servers. 

If you are getting error messages when you try sending mail
which state
that is not responding or not found, contact
your ISP, and
find out if they&#039;re blocking port 25. If they are, you
can probably
send outgoing mail through their outgoing mail servers.

Sometimes, however, an ISP will not allow email to be sent
through their
SMTP server with a different domain. In other words, you may
only be able
to use their SMTP server if you have your reply address set
to your
ISP-based email address, not your custom domain name address
that you have
at EchoEchoPlus.

Sometimes you can just ask the ISP to add your domain to
their whitelist of
acceptable domains, but some ISP&#039;s will not even do

In that case you need to use the webmail to send from your
domain - or
switch to an ISP with a more reasonable policy.

<b>Alternative strategy: port 587</b>
We&#039;ve enabled port 587 on our mail servers so you can
send mail
through our servers even if the default port 25 is blocked
by the IP. 

If you want to use this option you should change the port
for outgoing mail
to 587 in your mail programs advanced settings. 

Please make sure that port 587 is not being blocked by your
firewall or
router if it doesn&#039;t work.</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 20:59</date>

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