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	<theme>How do I register a domain
xmlns="">The registration of a domain
is not the same as the hosting
of the domain.

When you register a domain it simply gives you the right to
define where
the domain should be pointed to.

The registrar can point the domain to the web hosts
servers&quot;. These name servers hold detailed information
about the
machines that are hosting the domain. 

It is a good idea to register domains with a different
company than the
company that is hosting the domain. The advantage is that if
you are not
satisfied with your web host, you can always sign up with a
different host,
and point the domain to the new hosts name servers. This
would not be the
case if you registered the domain through your web host. It
is also the
reason we run our registration service as a separate
business from our

There are many domain registrars on the net.

Our domain registration service is at: <a

But you can use any registrar you like.

The important part is, that when you register the domain you
should make
sure to tell the registrar to point the domain to our name

They are:

Also, if we didn&#039;t prepare your account for the domain
when you signed
up, you need to login to the  Site Owner Panel and request
that we add the
domain to our name servers.

When you register a domain you should allow time for the
domain to
propagate itself to the internets root name servers. Domains
from Echo2.Com
are usually up and running in a matter of minutes, but for
some registrars
it can take up to 48 hours.</content>
	<author>EchoEcho Support</author>
	<date>12.07.2009, 21:09</date>

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