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Spam: Customizing spam filters
You can customize the settings for your spam filter from the user panel logins.

You can either login directly at the user panel, or - if you're the site owner - you can login to the site owner panel and click "MAILBOXES/USERS" in the left menu. From there, you can click a user name to switch to that users panel.

Once logged in to the user panel, you can click "SPAM FILTERING" in the left menu and follow the instructions on the page.

You can customize the spam score required for mails to qualify as spam and the actions to take.

The default option is "low" - a spam score of 5.
If you add a higher custom number, you will allow more spam to pass the filter.
If you add a lower custom number, you will allow less spam to pass the filter - but might also block mails that aren't spam.

You can fine tune the way different rules are weighted to calculate the spam score.
In most cases, you will not need to do this, but if you have a good understanding of spamassassin you can change the scoring like this:

Each user account has his own home folder (located in the "/home" folder of your account).
Inside this folder, there is a ".spamassassin" folder, with a customization file in it.

For the "admin" account, the file would be in:

Inside this file, you can define rules that will overwrite the default rules for spamassassin.

The file has commented examples at the top and can be changed via SSH logins or FTP.

Please make sure that you don't make syntax errors if you customize this file - and please try send a mail to yourself after editing it to make sure the mail is working.

Last update: 12.07.2009, 21:03
Author: EchoEcho Support

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