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New Customer FAQs: Your Control Panel
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The control panel is where you can administrate your entire hosting account.
This is where you can add mail and user accounts, set up mail aliases, forwarders and responders, create databases, change passwords - in short: everything you need to be in charge of your account.

If you're new to webhosting, you may find the control panel a bit confusing at first. Don't give up! There is a detailed help file for you.

Where do I login to the control panel?
You can login to the control panel at EchoEchoPlus.Com.
Click the link to "Existing Customers" and login.
Once logged in, you can click the "Login to the Site Owner Panel" button.

How do I get detailed help?
To access the Control Panel help files, sign into your control panel and click "Panel Help" near the bottom of the left hand menu.

Problems connecting to the panel?
The panel is transfering data on port 19638 for security reasons (the standard port for ordinary web traffic is port 80).
If you can't load the panel's login page it's most likely because you have a firewall that is blocking port 19638.

This is the end of the the "New user FAQ" - but please feel free to learn more from the various topics in the detailed sections.

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Last update: 11.07.2009, 15:14
Author: EchoEcho Support

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